American Inventions

The history of how America emerged as the premier superpower in the world is about more than just a great military or a homeland so rich in natural resources that we were able to become the breadbasket of the world. There are many forces that combined in the American experiment that has made this country so great. One of those […]

Abraham Lincoln

We would like to think all of our presidents of the United States were truly great men and to be sure, just handling the awesome responsibility of the presidency takes a special kind of individual. One of the unique and great things about the system of government in America is the concept of citizen leadership. This is the idea of […]

America Conquers the Air

If you ask any student even in elementary school why the town of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina is significant to American history, they will know the answer immediately. They will know that this was the place that Orville and Wilber Wright made the first working airplane and discovered that man could fly. Today, with thousands of airplanes taking to the […]

Atrafen Weight Loss Supplement Review

People today are more concerned about their weight more than any other time in history. The reason for this varies but we do see a large percentage of the American population overweight and out of shape. Obviously, these people need to consider doing something about it sooner than later. The reason for this is because being overweight has all types […]

Your Fat Loss Factor

One rapid fat loss exercise tip is to base the majority of your workouts on free weight or cable exercises. This type of exercise requires more skill and come at a greater metabolic cost. For example, it is not easy to coordinate weights and control muscles at the same time. But free weight exercises forces one to do so thereby […]