One rapid fat loss exercise tip is to base the majority of your workouts on free weight or cable exercises. This type of exercise requires more skill and come at a greater metabolic cost. For example, it is not easy to coordinate weights and control muscles at the same time. But free weight exercises forces one to do so thereby using up more muscles and hence burning more calories at the same time ensuring rapid fat loss.  Another rapid fat loss tip is doing compound exercises during one’s workout. Know your fat loss factor here.

Compound exercises are exercises meant for many muscles and joints. Compound exercises also recruit the most muscle groups for any body part. This ignites metabolism and is a sure way of rapid fat loss.  Other ways to ensure rapid fat loss is by keeping rep ranges between eight and twelve and taking rest for only about thirty to sixty seconds between sets. A rep range between eight to twelve suits training efforts to build muscle mass and stimulate metabolism to the dot. Whereas taking short breaks of only thirty to sixty seconds helps one keep focused, helps muscles recover quickly between sets and also keep heart rate elevated. This keeps the nervous system revved up leading to rapid fat loss.